When life gives you Melon,
Create meaningful, compelling content for all mediums.

We are a multidisciplinary creative agency with offices in Beirut, Dubai, and Berlin, established in 2010. We have served over 100 brands across the GCC, Europe, and the USA in Food & Beverage, Real estate, Pharmaceuticals, Beauty, Fashion, and Fast-Moving Consumer Goods.

Whether you are interested in logo design, branding strategy, website design, or implementation – we are here to assist you with unparalleled imagination and creativity. From the biggest brands to the smallest start-ups, we are result-driven in bringing our knowledge and intuitive understanding to every project brief.


From the initial brief to the end of execution, our goal is to create impact and serve transformative experiences. We want to grow your brand presence and have you be a part of it from beginning to end.

We view our clients and their audience as partners and collaborators, co-creating in every process stage.

Our wholesome approach ensures that every aspect of your brand presence is consistent and credible to communicate visually and verbally with your audience at first glance. Our team is the sum of equal parts with unique perspectives working collectively to bring unique ideas forward and deliver creative solutions.


Rouba Akl Picture

Rouba Akl
Founder & Creative Director

Rouba holds a Bachelor's in Graphic Design from Notre Dame University, Lebanon, as well as a Styling & Pattern Making degree from SMODE Beirut. She began her career in the design department of an F&B holding company, Blends, and became the manager heading all design assets for seven brands across Lebanon and the Middle East.

She founded Melon in 2010, serving over 100 brands across the GCC, Europe, and the USA in Food & Beverage, Pharmaceuticals, Beauty, Fashion, and Fast-Moving Consumer Goods. Rouba adds, “Since starting my own agency, I still have the urge to be involved with every step of the design process because our clients are our partners, and we share the same vision for growth".


Our many years of experience began with Restaurant branding services, from A to Z branding, design, interior, and promotional solutions.

To this day, we continue to have a personal connection and a big love for F&B creative solutions. Along with our partners, we provide operating manuals and all the needed support to securing franchising agreements.

We want to empower your brand and make it stand out with authenticity and personalization. We strive to communicate your restaurant's personality and identity, influence your concept and ambiance, and create an emotional connection with your guests.


In 2015 we extended our services to elevate all elements of the restaurant brand experience. Senior architect, Rabih Youssef, launched this department and is managing a team of talented designers, developing unique and groundbreaking conceptual interior designs. Our team’s innovative work includes project management, from market research and idea conception to design, development, execution, delivery, and supervision to ensure your brand reaches top-of-mind awareness.

The interior image we create, the colors, the fabric, and the furniture we choose, derive from the core design concept in which we implement all project elements. We develop a thorough, advanced, and exclusive design concept that becomes the story based on your brand philosophy. We put into effect an omnichannel branding strategy to tie everything together and prepare your brand for the next step of franchising.